UV Gel re-fills                                                             $45

UV Gel Permanent French  re-fills                                $60

Soaking off price is $5 for color gel and $10 for

all artificial nails

Gel polish on calgel or UV gel nails are

Extra $15 to $20

Nail art and specialty french varies in price

so please inquire before services

Calgel base gel - additional with gel color                       $45

UV Gel extension                                                        $90

Price List

UV Gel wrap on natural nail length                              $60

UV Gel Permanent French extensions                            $110

UV Gel Permanent French wrap natural nail length      $80


  • Regular Manicure and Regular Pedicure
  • Soak-off Gels/soft gel -Types of soak-off gel nails we offer (Calgel, Presto, Shellac, OPI and Essie) 
  • Hard Gel-UV Gel and Permanent French​

We use Voesh collagen UV rated gloves for all manicure services. The Dry pedicures services include like pumice exfoliating mousse, ankle to underneath the knee lavender paraffin wrap and fruit acid peels for callus treatments.


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between 6th and 7th avenue

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Soak-off gel manicure                                                    $55

Soak-off gel pedicure                                                       $65

ALL PRESTO COLORS ARE  EXTRA                            $5

Regular manicure                                                   $15

Regular Pedicure                                                   $35